How I can Help

The Mission of Silver Light Ministries is to offer monthly spiritual gatherings starting February 2022 (in-person and online) that will:

“Facilitate a personal movement to live in the field of love by creating a sanctuary and resources to empower an understanding of love as the interconnected web of life.

Here you will find Spirit-inspired infusions of love that will include inspirational prayer, music, art, poetry, and meditations all offered as actions (acts of love) you can use right now to strengthen heart, mind, body, and soul lighting the way back to your true nature as love even in the face of life’s darkest moments.”

Rev. Cristhal Bennett
Silver Light Ministries

As a radiant channel and psychic healer, Cristhal Bennett uses her intuitive and clairvoyant abilities to support the awakening of your spirit and provide multi-dimensional healing.


Spiritual Guidance
Oracle Card Readings
Spiritual Life Coach
Energetic Palm Reader
Chakra Balancing
Tuning Forks

Intuitive Readings
Etheric Healer
Crystal Ball Scrying
Healing Prayer
Amethyst Biomat Sessions

About Cristhal

Spiritual Coach

Cristhal supports individuals, couples & families by offering intuitive guidance and spiritual direction that aligns all with their Divine blueprint; enabling people to experience a life that reflects their highest qualities and values for living.