“I wrote this song in the summer of 2014.

It’s inspired by the work I do with Cristhal.

If you’d like to download a copy feel free to email me at thealexisexperience@gmail.com.

Thank you for listening.” Alexis Woodruf



Verse 1:

Someone once told me, solitude is bliss

In my experience I can’t say I agree with this.

Those quiet nights eat away at my soul,

When you’re running from yourself, there’s nowhere to go.

Bridge 1:
It’s the most important journey of your life,
Don’t you be afraid to vocalize,
Open up your heart baby, and look inside.

Won’t you please,
Learn to love yourself, learn to love yourself.
Learn to trust yourself, learn to lust yourself.

Bridge 2:
Now the perfect time in your life,
For you to take off that disguise,
Work through it baby, and find your light.

Verse 2:
I take steps forward, I take steps back
Waves of constant criticism, I’m under attack.
Can’t get those memories out of my head,
Can’t stop obsessing bout what I should have said.

Bridge 1

After years of distrust,
Realize what you must do,
Embrace imperfection
And let it spread through you.

Chorus x2