Silver Light Center for Spiritual Healing and Renewal

Our ministry is multi-faith healing and teaching ministry; not a preaching ministry. Our passion, intention, and commitment are to hold space for the Holy, as you align with the Divine and awakening to the True you. In our healing and prayer service we serve as channels for the Divine and will remove spiritual, and emotional obstructions that interfere with your ability to feel the living Presence of the Holy in your life. Beginning this Saturday July 25th and continuing throughout the fall and winter gatherings we will be referencing Paul Selig’s Book “I AM THE WORD: A Channeled Text.” We encourage you to purchase the book and share your insights of awakening with our Sangha. Check our Events page for the current affirmation we will be working with as a group.

The Mission of Silver Light Center for Spiritual Renewal is to offer monthly spiritual gatherings that will: “Facilitate a personal movement to live in the field of love by creating a sanctuary and resources to empower an understanding of love as the interconnected web of life. Here you will find Spirit-inspired infusions of love that will include inspirational prayer, music, art, poetry, and meditations all offered as actions (acts of love) you can use right now to strengthen heart, mind, body, and soul lighting the way back to your true nature as love even in the face of life’s darkest moments.”

– Rev. Cristhal Bennett

Aubrey Spath is a Magdalene Priestess in the Madonna Ministry and the fellowship of Isis. An ordained shamanic minister in the Venus Rising Church and a student of Linda Star Wolf.
Aubrey Spath

I have always been one to look deep with wonder into the ‘unseen’ of who we are. Even as a little girl, I was fascinated by the questions ‘Where did I come from?’, ‘Where was I before I was born here?’ I still am.

The activities at The Silver Light Ministries help me touch that ethereal part of myself in the community with others. A very powerful part of what I do in business and with parents in my Save Your Breath practice is the stealth activity of putting parents evermore in contact with this aspect of themselves and their children. There is no greater purpose than that.

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Are you ready to release the past? Are you ready to let go of what no serves you? In our time together will show you how she is able to identify underlying patterns that prevent you from moving forward and will offer spiritual counseling that will support you in creating new ways to respond in life that is aligned with your vision for successful parenting. Be it spiritual, emotional, or physical, I can help you remove the blocks that prevent you from being fully present with your children’s spice and other family members. As a spiritual director I will support you as you integrate your healing and begin to walk your path towards a more purposeful and more fulfilled parenting experience and life.

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Rowena Starling

Founder, Save Your Breath